Commercial Document Storage

According to the needs of commercial organization, documents will be delivered to the designated locations by our professional team safely!

As stipulated in Section 51C of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112), records of commercial documents are to be kept for a period of no less than 7 years, thus the records and management of commercial documents are a common issue among enterprises of different sizes. Given the scarcity of land in Hong Kong, the cost of allocating storage space for paper documents stands high, and the manpower needed to manage the documents is also an additional operational cost to a company.

Commercial documents in general are rarely referenced after a year or two has passed, and that has given birth to a professional remote document storage service. Enterprises can let us take care of the complicated task of document management. When there is a need to go over documents and records dated a few years back, they can simply contact us or make an online request, so that the required document(s) will be sorted by a document searching system, retrieved and sent to your office within 48 hours. In this way, enterprises can effectively enhance operational efficiency and bring down operational costs, putting more focus on business development.

Service Features

One-stop Document Management

Simply by dial, fax or through online appointment, customers will be able to use services like Document Storage, Document Transport, Document Digitalisation, Document Destroy, etc. With the aid of an efficient document management system, customers can, depending on their needs, retrieve their documents in e-format or in person within a short period of time.

Secure and reliable

Security policies are strictly complied at every document management centre in Hong Kong. Every staff member is adequately trained and has passed multiple examinations. We guarantee the process of depositing and withdrawing documents is secure, reliable and subject to security surveillance.

Service Flow

Free Quotation

Provide professional advice and quotation in response to customer needs

Free Quotation

Deliver new cartons

After the customer confirms, we will arrange to send new cartons at the designated place

Order new cartons

Collect packed cartons

Cartons will be collected by our professional team and will be delivered to our warehouse directly

Order collection services

Deliver stored cartons

Stored cartons will be sent to the designated date on time

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Price of MEGA’s Cartons

Standard Carton (per piece)

38.1cm(L) X 33cm(W) X 30cm(H)
Storage Size : 4 pieces of 2.5-inch A4 arch files

Multi-functional Carton (per piece)

38.1cm(L) X 33cm(W) X 30cm(H)
Storage Size : 4 pieces of 2.5-inch A4 arch files