General questions

Our services are currently available in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and most of New Territories, but not include Outlying Islands and public places like Piers and etc.

Our services time are from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday except for Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Definitely. Our warehouse is located at Yuen Long. The warehouse is not open to the public and is under 24-hour surveillance. We also ensure that documents/cartons are tamper-proof and protected from the elements, such as fire, dust, humidity and water. For the security reasons, we are unable to disclose the exact location of our warehouse.

For the security reasons, only our staff is permitted to access the warehouse and we do not allow public access to our warehouses. We are glad to handle all your pick-up and delivery needs so that you do not have to step foot in a storage location again! If you have special requirements, please let us know and we will try our best to cooperate.

Our warehouse is not open to access by public and is protected with ADT security system, 24-hour CCTV, temperature control, humidity control. In addition, our warehouses are fully equipped with fire detection alarms, automatic fire sprinkler systems, and fire hose reels.

Our transportation team and warehouse staff have undergone through background check. Each member of the team goes through a rigorous training program to offer you the very best in customer service.

We provide coverage for losses and damage to your property while in transit to and from the storage facility and while stored in our warehouse. The maximum compensation amount is the storage fee equivalent of 6 months for the loss of the file box. The insurance coverage also includes the damage caused by the fire. It does not protect against damages due to natural disasters such as floods, tidal waves, earthquakes, etc.

All customers are not allowed to store any prohibited items, including all types of flammable items. Our moving teams reserve the rights to reject any prohibited items during pick-ups.

In general situations, we will never open your boxes without your consent. We will not touch, shift or remove any items belonging to you. In rare cases, if you suspect that there are dangerous goods, illegal objects, odors or authorization in the box, your file box will be opened. We will notify you as much as we can before opening the box.


After we dropped off the empty cartons, you have enough time to pack your items. During this period, you can label and take photos of your packed cartons so you know what you’ve stored in all the cartons anytime! After the documents are sorted out, you can email us to collect them.

Yes! Our moving team will wait up to 15 minutes for you to pack and/or unpack your cartons. But due to a tight pick-up and delivery schedule, they are unable to wait past the allotted 15 minutes which is why we ask that you have your storage items organized beforehand so you can quickly pack / unpack your items.

We will provide services based on the email content sent by the customer, our email address is

Yes. Please contact our Customer Service Officer at and we will do our best to resolve your issue.

From $8/ month.
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Monthly storage fee is charged based on the actual storage amount. Customers can enjoy our professional services at the best price according to their actual needs.

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